MENU Liss Area Historical Society


2019 Liss Archive Exhibits

Items from our archives were displayed at the visiting Petersfield Museum Road Show held on August 17th in The Triangle, Liss.

2016 Gems from the Liss Collection.

Another successful exhibition was displayed in 2016; August 17th for one week open each morning from 9:00 to 12:15, in the Triangle: "Gems from the Liss Collection"

Over the years, the Society has staged a number of exhibitions. In fact, an exhibition in 1983 heralded the beginning of the process that led to the Society's formation.

On the 6th November 2010, we held an exhibition to celebrate the Society's 25th anniversary and this was very successful. More than 250 visitors came to see us and we had a lot of positive feedback. The exhibition showed our achievements over the 25 years, changes in the village in that time and artefacts from the Liss Collection as well as items found during archaeological "digs".

Thirteen exhibitions have taken place since the catalyst exhibition of 1983 and since the Society's formation. Each has covered a different subject.

2014 Centenary of Outbreak of WW1 and 70th Anniversary of D-day. 

One of our more recent exhibitions was in 2014 to commemorate the Centenary of the outbreak of WW1 and the 70th Anniversary of D-day.  Over 400 people attended this exhibition including Mr Damian Hinds, our local Member of Parliament as well as representatives of Parish, District and County councils.